How to checkout

Buying on SelleriaWeb is easy as:

  1. choose the products,
  2. put in cart
  3. go to cash
  4. create an account where you can put your data to allow us to deliver the merchandise selection (in which case you will not lose the truck just created)

and... the game is over!

But if you need more information, please read on ... (we are going to explain in detail every phase of purchase)

1. Navigation and cart

By Category

On the top left are the box with all the product categories listed alphabetically. Some categories also have sub categories to collect in a more 'consistently different products. The categories have sub categories that have this symbol "<<" next.

Search Or you can use the internal search engine to speed the discovery of what you're looking for a particular code or if you already know 'what to look for. You can type in the box "Find" and click on "search" or go to the advanced search where you can select a specific category, a particular manufacturer, a price range or a date of insertion.

Write whatever you think you find, and if 'this you will be' listed. Make several attempts because 'sometimes a singular or plural can' make a difference ... 

Product page

When you find what you're looking for or click on the text of the product listed, we'll take you to the page dedicated to the product where you'll find spigazioni, prices, etc..

Many products have variants (eg, the number has a boot, a saddle color or size, etc...) If there 'a variant, select the one that suits you, insert the' desired in the "Add to Cart" on the right and click "Add to Cart."

Will take you to the page dedicated to your basket. The next chapter will explain 'this page also.

If you want to go shopping, click on "Back to the shop, otherwise click" Checkout "to complete your purchase.

Below are two very useful buttons above the other visitors:

Write a reviews 

Clicking here you can have your say about this product and give it a vote. Do not neglect this aspect: if you bought because 'do not share your experience with posterity? Maybe it helps them make better choices! 

Tell a friend 

This button instead allows you to send to a friend the link to the product page. If you know someone interested and can not find what you've been lucky enough to find, because 'not warn him?

Shopping Cart page 

This page is summed up the cart with your products listed so far entered.

In particular see:

  • A field with the quantity 'that can change to another number and cliccandi writing about ...
  • One button "update cart" that allows you to vary the amount 'to buy,
  • The product name,
  • The unit price (and possibly the full price slashed and above the discounted price to pay)
  • The total line (quantity 'for price)
  • Finally, a button that allows you to remove this item from your cart if you want to give up buying that product.

Below are 3 buttons two of which are already 'knows its usefulness', however: a "back to the shop", an "update cart" to update all quantities' modiicate (for more' products if they alter the when ' ) and a "checkout" to complete your order.

Below you see a section dedicated to shipping. Here you can 'just do a simulation to estimate the costs, not' still time to choose the mode ', that you can do more' on.

Now we are interested in going, then go "Checkout"!

2. Log in

To complete an order and access the services of our clients there 'need to create an account. Come directly to this page and when you click "Checkout" or by clicking on "Sign In" in top left of the homepage.

If you are a new user scroll a few lines and jump to the "New customer? Please enter your information.

The first two fields relate to an activity 'professional if you have one and want the invoice to include this information.

The information requested

Then we pass the information concerning the person of reference:
  • or an address (remember, you can manage up to 5, so here I can put one, eg for billing, while you have other 4 where ship products, you can enter the second phase of the order and indicate what other use)
  • or telephone number (there 'still need a phone number when sending goods by courier because' there may be problems in delivery and it 'always good to give us a chance' to quickly alert)
  • or date of birth to see if you are of age,
  • code or tax since the tax rules on not 'very clear and now the CF and' become a required number more and more 'often in many areas of daily life,
  • or a valid email. This will be 'crucial to inform you that we will all be sent, as notice of despatch, or other problems. And also 'your user name, along with the password, you can access the store,
  • or a secret password,
  • or other information that does not require clarification.


We invite you to subscribe to our newsletters. In fact we will do 'we like to inform on:
  •   Exclusive special offers,
  •   Coupons custom
  •   New products,
  •   Etc..

Do not give up this opportunity ', do not fill your inbox with mountains of emails! A month or 2 enough ...


Before sending the data and register, check the privacy policy (better if read carefully :-). Of course you have no choice ... you have to accept it, but 'pure banality' why 'is not nothing but respect for current legislation on the matter.

If you make a mistake entering data, the system will notify ': correct and click "send."


Remember: we do not know your password (is secured for us). If you forget the only way to get it back is click' I forgot my password! " so that the system automatically, you'll send a new email added to the registration. If you want to change it, enter the new password and go to "your account" then "Change Password".

Now you are our customer! 

3. The phases of the order

To summarize: you are getting all the products that interest you, did you put in the basket; logged on. And now? Now we proceed with the 4 phases of the order.

1. Shipping Information

Here you can change the shipping address (for instance if 'a gift or if you want to send him to a relative because you're never at home but always on horseback!).

Enter any comments or recommendations for the carrier if you make it.

Once you've decided go to Step 2.

2. Payment information (collecting vouchers / gift)

Once again you can change the address, but this time in billing.

Now you begin to see the total number of order here and you can redeem your coupon / gift by entering the code we sent you by email.

Finally, choose how you want to pay:
  • or credit card (Postepay, Visa, Mastercard)
  • or bank transfer
  • or PayPal
Once again, write some comments if you need it.

Now we go to the third stage.

3. Review and confirm the order

This phase 'for you very sensitive and important as it is summarized here every choice you made and get ready to accept them to send us your order.

You can still change everything: addresses, comments and contents of the basket.

See each item of payment in detail to understand exactly what you are going to pay.

And now 'come the fateful moment: click on "CONFIRM YOUR ORDER" ("you will not regret!" We can not put it in the button because of space ...)

4 Order completed!

Here's how to see is very simple and straightforward. You've come to the end safely.

Here is 'little to do: thank you, and as' a duty to do, and we encourage you to leave the shop unless you want to continue shopping ... This' due to simple safety rules: once the need 'to enter the shop and' good rule of exit to prevent some evil intent can read or modify your sensitive data. Even this practice is recommended in any similar situation.

4. Other ways to buy

If what you've read this far you seem very complex, you can use other methods to achieve your goal:
  • You can call us at +39.0583.164.6085
  • Or send a fax (see the form we have prepared) at +39.0583.164.1263
  • Or write an email to
  • Finally, contact us on skype (search "selleriaweb")
Now we can only wish you good surfing and many excellent shopping on SelleriaWeb!


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