About SelleriaWeb


Linda e MilaSelleriaWeb is a personal owned store exclusively dedicated to selling through the Internet.

Driven by a passion for horses (and animals in general), I embarked on this adventure because I think that this kind of market  needs  news, seriousness and quality.

Our target is to provide good products at reasonable prices and give the user the best service we can. Quality of roducts is guaranteed by careful selection of our suppliers and the control of each item shipped. In fact we have our own warehouse for the products in stock, while those available only to order they arrive at our headquarters and then we sent to our customers after verifying the quality.

Our website is the result of a careful study of web marketing and is developed keeping in mind the point of view of the visitor. So that simple design, attention to details, care of the text used, etc. ...

Hoping to do what is pleasing to all the "knights", thank you the confidence you gave us.


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